Science Behind The Party

It may look simple...but this is party innovation at it's finest!

Lo and behold... JOTTSHOTS!
(Dramatically gaze at the image to the right/below)

We hired a team of monkeys with PHDs in partying to develop the perfect way to ingest a gel shot. We then hired some actual scientists to create a delicious 26 proof vegan friendly gel shot formula and a patented shot cup delivery system.



What was left after all the dust, gel and numbers cleared? The Jott. A Push Up & Party On single serving gel shot. Stop dreading preparation and get right to the party!

26 Proof

Vegan Friendly

No Mess

No Hassle

No Refrigeration

Long Shelf Life

Simply Put. It's Party Perfection!

The JottShot! Method










So It's a Jell-O Shot?

NOOOPE, JottShots! are prepackaged, ready-to-drink gel shots. Unlike other animal-based (pour one out for our fallen animal brethren) gum products such as Jell-O, our Jotts are vegan friendly and made with a proprietary mix of plant-based gums. What does this mean? JottShots! are far more stable than gelatin-based Jell-O shots and have a much longer shelf life.

Each shot is 13% alcohol (26 proof) and is made with neutral spirits. Each shot contains natural alcohol preservatives and add small amounts of a standard beverage preservative to ensure a minimum 6-month shelf life.

JottShots! also contain natural flavors and artificial coloring. We have 4 introductory flavors: Cherry, Berry, Lemon Drop, and Mojito. We'll be debuting more flavors in the future, so stay tuned!