The JottShots! Story

Dorian Levy launched JottShots! in 2015 with a simple premise: parties are for making memories (or mistakes), not for making jello shots. After years of throwing annual NYC bashes for his 800 closest friends, Dorian knew no other drink had the power to transform a ho-hum gathering into a stupid good night.

Everyone loves a good jello shot party, but why waste a day making drinks? Shouldn't you be able to just buy them?  How could a product as well-known and loved as jello shots be unavailable to purchase at any bar/club/liquor store? Can you even name another product that most people know of but can’t buy anywhere?

Now you can! After years of research and development, we’re introducing JottShots! Our shots have all the fun and excitement of jello shots, but are SOOOO much better. Why so many Os?


JottShots! are ready to drink. Now. No hours of preparation, no mess to clean.


JottShots! are portable and can be enjoyed anywhere – bars, clubs, liquor stores, restaurants, music festivals, tailgates, picnics, pool parties…the White House?

JottShots! are vegan- and kosher-friendly. They don’t contain gelatin (because do you know what’s actually inside Gelatin? Eww!). Finally, the perfect drink for Hassidic vegans!

JottShots! proprietary "push up" cup design allows you to enjoy gel shots without touching your drink! Just Push Up and Party On!

JottShots! have the same delicious taste and alcohol content every time

Currently, JottShots! are only available in our test market: Santa Barbara. However, we’re expanding to other cities in 2016, and we’re working hard to make JottShots! available everywhere for people to party without pretense.


Stupid Awesome Flavors


Four Amazing Flavors:
Two Fruits & Two Cocktails

Nutrition & Alcohol Information

JottShots! are prepackaged, ready-to-drink gel shots. Unlike other animal-based gum products, like Jell-o, our vegan friendly products are made with a proprietary mix of plant-based gums. JottShots! are far more stable that gelatin-based jello shots and have a longer shelf life.

Each shot is 13% alcohol (26 proof) and is made with neutral spirits. Each shot contains natural alcohol preservatives and add small amounts of a standard beverage preservative to ensure a minimum 6-month shelf life.

JottShots! also contain natural flavors and artificial coloring. We have 4 introductory flavors: Cherry, Berry, Lemon Drop, and Mojito. We'll be debuting more flavors in the future, so stay tuned!