Jello Shots at the Golden Globes

BuzzFeed made quite the splash at the Golden Globes this year, bringing a tray full of Jell-o Shots to the red carpet. Why did they do this? Because as host Keith Habersberger said, “No Party is complete without jello shots!” We sort of agree with you Keith, though let us suggest it can be done so much better. Don’t take our word for it, just look at these select moments from the BuzzFeed video:

Habersberger instructs Patrick Stewart on how to take the shot. “Loosen it up with your finger, because it’s going to be hard to suck out”. Why go through all of that?? With JottShots!, all you have to do is Pull Push Squeeze Suck, and you don’t have to risk getting a jello finger on your fancy tux. Suck easier Captain Picard.

Emmy Rossum didn’t take one, saying “I don’t eat Jello”. We don’t blame you Emmy, Jello is made using Gelatin (use same link as in story). Tobias Menzes, what do you think about making shots with gelatin in them? “That is disgusting!”. We agree. That’s why vegan-friendly JottShots! are made using plant based gums.

Shout out to Malin Ackerman for citing the best way to take gel shots. But let’s let Malin tell us directly: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4.57.13 PM.png

 Fortunately, our sleek shot cup makes doing so cleaner and easier.

BuzzFeed, we salute your awesome idea to bring jello shots to the Golden Globes. Great idea Version 1.0. Next year though, bring in the big guns, bring Great Idea Version Gazillion.0, bring JottShots to the Golden Globes!